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Dianne Stewart
Trentham :
"First class service
replaced my Laptop motherboard for £80 liquid damaged"
Great thanks!

Paul Stevens
"Removed Viruses
from slow PC"
Much faster Thanks!

Sara Tomlinson
"Rescued my operating system when it would not boot up "
Thank you

A genuinely helpful, efficient and professional service. I'd have no hesitation in going back and will be recommending PC-Repair4U to all my family and friends. Thanks for sorting my laptop out so quickly!

Janey Deng

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This page is under construction and will be updated regularly on an ongoing basis

Here you will find help and support in supplying you with tips and tricks to speed up your PC and links to manufacturers support where you can obtain updated drivers and troubleshoot problems with your particular model.

Links to PC manufacturers :
Acer http://support.acer.com/
Advent http://www.adventsupport.com/viewforum
(unofficial site providing forum with good links to drivers and commom problems )
Asus http://support.asus.com/
HP Compaq www.hp.com
Dell http://support.dell.com/
Fujitsu Siemens http://uk.ts.fujitsu.com/support/
Gateway http://uk.gateway.com/support/
Packard Bell http://www.packardbell.co.uk/
Sony http://www.sony.co.uk/hub/vaio
Toshiba www.toshiba.com

Links to CPU manufacturers :
AMD www.amd.com
Intel http://www.intel.com/?en_US_01

Tips and Windows XP speed up

Indexing Services is a small little program that uses large amounts of RAM and can often make a computer endlessly loud and noisy. This system process indexes and updates lists of all the files that are on your computer. It does this so that when you do a search for something on your computer, it will search faster by scanning the index lists. If you don’t search your computer often, or even if you do search often, this system service is completely unnecessary. To disable do the following:

1. Go to Start
2. Click Settings
3. Click Control Panel
4. Double-click Add/Remove Programs
5. Click the Add/Remove Window Components
6. Uncheck the Indexing services
7. Click Next


Links to GPU (Graphics processing units) :
Nvidia http://www.nvidia.co.uk/page/support.html
AMD (ATI) www.amd.com
Intel http://www.intel.com/?en_US_01
Via www.via.com

Links to Hard drive manufacturers :
Hitachi http://www.hitachigst.com/tech-support/
Samsung www.samsung.com
Seagate/maxtor www.seagate.com
Toshiba http://www.toshibastorage.com/
Western Digital

Links to motherboard manufacturers :
Asus http://support.asus.com/
Asrock http://www.asrock.com/support/
Gigabyte www.gigabyte.com
Foxconn www.foxconnchannel.com

Windows XP can look sexy but displaying all the visual items can waste system resources. To optimise:

1. Go to Start
2. Click Settings
3. Click Control Panel
4. Click System
5. Click Advanced tab
6. In the Performance tab click Settings
7. Leave only the following ticked:
- Show shadows under menus
- Show shadows under mouse pointer
- Show translucent selection rectangle
- Use drop shadows for icons labels on the desktop
- Use visual styles on windows and buttons

To read the full guide click here adobe readerYou will need adobe reader for this pdf download



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We can offer a remote repair service to you, where we can link to your computer to diagnose and repair software related faults. Benefits of this are.

  • No waiting for repair
  • No collection or drop off of PC
  • More economical repair cost if software related

Just download the teamviewer software link on the right and provide us with the code to link to you . For more information download this file for questions and answers regarding Team Viewer set up

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